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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Some of the Hidden Mickeys of Adventureland


Time again for another Tip Tuesday!

This week let's head over to Adventureland to share a few of my favorite Hidden Mickeys.  The first is one of my most favorite Hidden Mickeys in all of Walt Disney World - at the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  If you look carefully at the image above, you'll see a side profile Hidden Mickey on the large tree branch amidst the lichen.  It's just to the left of the wall.  This Mickey can be sometimes hard to find, especially if you're kind of being rushed along by other guests.  You have to look around to see it.  Once you know where it is, you can find it easily.  There are a couple of other Hidden Mickeys often seen here -- look for some interestingly arranged plates, or fruit placed to create the classic Mickey logo.

Another great Hidden Mickey can be found in the Jungle Cruise.  As you begin your journey, you'll come across three canoes on a beach.  Look carefully at the heads -- you'll recognize three well-known Disney characters.

Sometimes you really have to look carefully to find Hidden Mickeys.  Just as you come off Pirates of the Caribbean, as soon as you enter the gift shop (what a surprise - an attraction that empties out into a gift shop!), you'll see a set of scales with gold coins of different sizes on one side.  Look closely to see a few coins carefully placed to form a classic Hidden Mickey.

Speaking of Pirates, pay careful attention to the locks found in the queue -- they resemble a certain mouse.  Also as you round the corner to the final treasure scene, look carefully at the bottom of the lanterns to see Mickey dangling there.

There are plenty of other Hidden Mickeys to be found in Adventureland, so I don't want to point them all out for you.  Just keep your eyes open, you never know where you might see another one, and who knows?  Maybe you'll find a new one!  Mickey is popping up all the time.

Enjoy and happy Hidden Mickey hunting!

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