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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Earl of Sandwich

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

Over the past few weeks, I've been talking about some of the great things to do at Downtown Disney. In honor of my friend Lou Mongello, who can't go ten minutes without talking about food, this week's tip is all about food at Downtown Disney, and specifically one restaurant in particular, the Earl of Sandwich.

Sub shops are probably nothing new to anyone. There are all kinds of sub shops nearly on every corner. So why is a sub shop at Downtown Disney such a big deal?

To be honest, I can't tell you -- other than the fact that you will have one of the best subs ever.

I've been to the Earl of Sandwich several times and I still can't place why their subs are so much better than other places. But they are. Both my wife and I just rave over these subs and now we sometimes go to Downtown Disney just to visit the Earl.

I'm not alone in my opinion. Go to the restaurant most any day and the lines will be nearly out the door. It's probably the most popular quick service restaurant at Downtown Disney. I've also seen many Facebook comments raving about the Earl.

Now that McDonald's is leaving Downtown Disney to be replaced by a Pollo Campero, I suspect the lines at the Earl of Sandwich will get even longer.

If you do plan to dine at the Earl of Sandwich, you might want to have a friend save you a seat while you're ordering - or plan to eat outside.

Better yet, just get it to go and have a nice picnic back at your resort.

What do you think? Take this month's poll. Which is the best quick service restaurant at Downtown Disney?

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