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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Enter! You just might win!

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

Being the world's number one vacation destination, businesses hold contests to win a trip to Walt Disney World (and/or Disneyland) all the time. Not a month goes by where I don't see at least one contest, either held by Disney itself or some other business, offering a trip to the parks. I enter as many as I can.

All too often, I hear the same old story when it comes to entering these contests: "Oh, I won't win. There are so many people that enter, I'll never win, so what's the point of even trying."

The point is you just might win!

I did.

If you follow this blog, you're well aware of the fact that I won the Disney's Biggest Fan Contest last year. Some of the posts you've seen recently are part of the trip I won. There are many more still to come!

Even though I've already won one trip to a Disney park, I'm still entering others. Why? Because I just might win. If I don't try, then it's a guarantee I won't win.

Just today, I entered a new contest that Rayovac (the battery company) is holding, offering a trip to WDW or Disneyland. You guessed it, I entered. Why? Because I just might win.

Now you should take some safety precautions. First, if you don't have a junk email account, get one. I created a special Yahoo email account that is just for online stuff. If it gets spammed -- no big deal.

Second, DO NOT enter any contests that involve your money. If you have to put up cash, it's not a contest - it's a SCAM!

Finally, use common sense. If you haven't heard of the group holding the contest, you might want to do a bit of research about the group first to make sure it's legit. I did that when I received a thick envelope informing me that I had won the Biggest Disney Fan trip. I took several days to verify things before calling the contact.

So this week's tip is very simple. Send in those entries. You just might win.

Disclosure notice: This blog post should in no way be considered as an endorsement for Rayovac or their contest.


Raelynn said...

"You can't win if you don't play" and "Someone's gonna win-might as well be you."

Bill said...

Our first trip to Walt Disney World with our 3 boys was due to winning a contest at a car rental company - air, hotel and parks tickets!

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