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Friday, June 11, 2010

World of Color should replace Fantasmic at DHS

World of Color

Last night (or early this morning depending on where you live), Disney held a special live premiere for the new World of Color show at Disney's California Adventure.

I joined about 9,700 people in watching the live premiere via Ustream.

I have to admit, I had my doubts about World of Color. I thought it was a souped-up version of the Fountain of Nations at Epcot. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I haven't seen something so visually stunning since the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Yes, World of Color was that amazing. I have to admit it, World of Color is Disney's best nighttime spectacular, even over Illuminations. I know some of you will disagree, but I have to tell you, I'm that impressed with World of Color.

The combination of colored dancing water (that is far superior to anything else I've ever seen, especially given that the water can be projected in varying directions and intensities), stunning music and familiar scenes from Disney movies helps World of Color set the bar very high.

As I watched the live show (which I could watch again and again), I kept thinking, "Oh, we have GOT to get this to Florida!" I then thought about where World of Color could be located. I kept coming back to the Fantasmic theater at DHS. I know there are some die-hard Fantasmic fans out there, who will disagree, but I think it's time Disney scrapped Fantasmic at DHS and bring in World of Color.

Think about it, the DHS version of Fantasmic already is widely considered to be inferior to the Disneyland version. Further, it's clear Disney isn't as enamored with the show since it's not running every night anymore.

I personally, would rather see Fantasmic be retired or sent to a foreign park and World of Color come to DHS. Frankly, DHS has a much better venue than DCA for the show. With that huge theatre, more people could get a good view and not have to stand all over the place creating traffic flow problems.

I'm not sure what the viewing capacity is for World of Color at DCA, but it can't be as big as the DHS Fantasmic theater.

What are your thoughts? Did you see the World of Color premiere? Should World of Color replace Fantasmic at DHS? Is there a better place for World of Color?


Anonymous said...

I also saw World of Color on Ustream last night. Yes, it's an amazing show, but I think I still like Fantasmic better. WOC is incredible eyecandy. But that's all it is; eye candy. Since Bob Iger had the story elements removed there is no more heart in the show. It's a great show, but it could have been even better. I'd give it an A instead of an A+.

Since I'm obviously a fan of Fantasmic, I wouldn't want to see it replaced by WOC at the Studios. How about alternating the two shows in the same stadium? Or better yet, enlarge WOC on a massive humongous scale and place it out on Bay Lake. There could be viewing areas near each of the Magic Kingdom hotels and in front of MK.

Raelynn said...

Fantasmic is my favorite nighttime show so I wouldn't want to see it go away. Giving the "World" theme, I would vote for replacing it with IllumiNations.

Kimberly Looking on the Bright Side said...

There would be no way] for them to be alternated because of the massive amounts of fountains that would have to be installed for World of Color, there would just be no way to alternate them, it would cost too much and take too much trying to switch them.

World of Colors amazing, but Fantasmic is still my favorite. Fantasmic uses not only them mediums of light, water, and color, but it also has live characters which I think really adds to it.

Disney World has so much room there isn't really the need to replace Fantasmic it would take almost as much effort on Disney's part to replace it at the Studios as it would to build another ampitheater some place else on Disney World property. Animal Kingdom would probably be the most logical place, but it would fit the theme better at Magic Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see World of Color come to the Walt Disney World Resort, I watched the premier of it, and I thinks it's an amazing show. Although, I would not want to see Fantasmic be replaced its one of my favorite things there, as where you would put not sure. I think it would be cool to put it in Bay Lake though. The thing, I love most about World of Color though is the way Disney has told the story of some of their most famous movies though water, lights, and fire. I think this would make an amazing expansion to Walt Disney World, and would like to see it in the next couple of years maybe.

Anonymous said...

Please... no...

Some things aren't meant to be duplicated. Each Disney park should have something that makes it special, not cookie cutter. I am already sad that WDW took Disneyland's Fantasmic! and put it in the patented Disney Character Blender, ruining the "less is more" simple story that the DLR version has.

In short, Imagineering should make something on a WoC scale for WDW... just not World of Color. If everythin were the same at every Disney park, why would I venture out of Anaheim?

Anonymous said...

Seriously? WOC SHOULD NEVER EVER GO TO DISNEY WORLD!!! Each Disney park needs something special and exclusive that cannot be found anywhere else. Disney screwed up when they brought Fantasmic to Disney World, so why would they want to screw up with World of Color? If DW needed something new, it should be unique, not a copy of another show at another Disney park. The whole reason behind the 1.1 billion dollar DCA expansion is so DCA can gather more people into the park.

Anonymous said...

i watched woc just now if u ask me it was a dissapointment abt 6 years ago i herd about it as "the show that would put fantasmic to shame" if u ask me fantasmic blows woc out of the water no contest fantasmic is still on top with an 18 year run

Anonymous said...

World of Color is no where as good as Fantasmic in Disneyland. Murphy always wins me over to Fantasmic. World of Color is just combining Bellagio Fontains and Disney. All that Disney has added to Bellagio is colored lights, blurry projections, fire, and some lazers. But Bellagio has more fountains and higher fountains by 260 feet. You could stack 2 of the tallest fountains of World of Color and still be 60 feet short of the tallest jet at Bellagio. So World of Color was kind of dissapointing. My whole family(Disney geeks) went to the premier and had "good" seats and still couln't see anything because of the terrible viewing area. I'd pick any Disney night time fantastic and some Bellagio shows than World of Color. I am a Disney fan and I choose Bellagio over World of Color not just because Bellagio is free:)

Welecyrb said...

To tell you the truth... I have seen both shows (in person unlike you ustream people out there) and love World of Color way better than Fantasmic! You cannot get the real feeling from an online video because for some reason the camera doesn't catch the projection as well as you can see it. However, even though World of Color is my favorite, I think it would be better if World of Color were to stay at California exclusively. The point of the show was to get people to go to DCAL. Duplicating World of Color would be ruining the point.

Nelly said...

Another must see in Disney World. I always thought that Disney World are just for kids or for those whose are feeling kids (lol) until I had a chance to go there for the first time ten years ago… I was totally wrong. Disney World is for everybody. I have to admit Disney is always my top priority when I travel especially now that I already have my own kids.

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