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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Stormalong Bay

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

On my most recent trip to Walt Disney World, my family and I stayed at the Beach Club. One of the reasons we wanted to stay at the Beach Club was Stormalong Bay - and was it ever worth it!

Stormalong Bay is a huge pool shared by the Beach Club and Yacht Club. It is the largest resort pool on property and could be considered a mini water park in its own right. What makes this pool even more unique is the bottom, which is covered with sand. With about 750,000 gallons of water, Stormalong Bay is the largest sand-bottom pool in the world (as of this post).

Stormalong Bay is a perfect pool for families, especially families with younger children. Aside from one small deep section, the pool is no deeper than 5 feet and in most places is only three feet deep (or less). In the center of the section in front of the Yacht Club is a large sand island (see above). Kids will flock to this section to play in the sand. The entire section is very shallow so younger children will be able to enjoy the water without getting in too deep.

Disney also has several lifeguards posted all through the pool who keep a close eye on what's going on to ensure guests are safe. Other cast members put on scheduled events throughout the day including karaoke, water volleyball and more.

Stormalong Bay provides plenty of thrills for older kids as well. The pool features one of the largest and longest water slides of any Disney resort -- about 150 feet! It's all part of a huge shipwreck on the north shore of Crescent Lake, visible from all the way over at the Boardwalk. It's clear this is a very popular feature based on the lines that form in the middle of the day.

Adults wishing to enjoy some relaxing time will find their niche at Stormalong Bay as well. Located near the middle of the pool area and in front of the Ship Shape Health Club are several hot tubs. These are especially nice after a long day running through the parks.

If you're interested in enjoying Stormalong Bay, you'll have to stay at the Yacht or Beach Clubs. Most times, resort guests can "pool-hop," meaning they can visit other resort pools as they wish. The only exception to this is Stormalong Bay. Cast members at the entrances will ask to see your room key (Key to the World card) to verify you are a current resort guest at the Yacht or Beach Clubs.

Oh, and remember that a pool isn't just for the daytime. Stormalong Bay (in the summer) is open until around 11 p.m., which is perfect for a nighttime swim. In fact, evening is a great time to enjoy the pool (it's lighted) because there are generally fewer people.

Concerned about swimming during those cooler winter months? Don't be. The water is heated. Of course you might not want to get out, but what's life without a little chill here and there.

Is it worth the expense of staying at the Yacht or Beach Clubs just to enjoy Stormalong Bay?

In my opinion - you bet! Especially during the hot summer months! There are several other benefits to staying at the Yacht/Beach Club besides Stormalong Bay. In fact, the Beach Club now is my favorite Disney resort -- over the Polynesian and Grand Floridian.

I'll write more about the benefits of the Beach Club in a future post.

Until next time -- enjoy Stormalong Bay! The water's perfect!


blessedmama said...

Okay, that is totally cool! We already struggle to just get back to POR every time so Beach Club definitely isn't an option, but wow that pool looks awesome!!! Here's too a future vacation there, right? ;)

Ian said...

Is this place really that so crowded? Well that just means that Stormalong Bay is a fun place for everybody. Before I really hate such crowd but I get to realize the fun and excitement joining the crowd. Meeting people, sharing food is another.

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