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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Vinymlation Trading

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

I've just returned from a quick holiday trip to Walt Disney World and found a few new tips to share for you.

This week, I wanted to point out a new feature available at many stores all across the World. Vinylmation trading. I've talked at length about pin trading with cast members in previous posts. Well, Vinylmation trading is a similar option, though not as widespread. According to the Disney Parks Blog, Vinylmation trading really got started at the D23 Expo in 2009.

Here's how it works: There are two ways to trade Vinylmations, and which method you want to use depends on what available and how much you like mystery trading. In the photo above are both trading methods. Of course, you first must have a Vinylmation to trade.

I'll start with the large black box. See all those numbers (1-24)? Each number represents a door behind which is a Vinylmation. You can decide to trade your Vinylmation for one behind a numbered door. This is the more daring option because you have no idea what you're trading for. The "Mystery Box 24," as Disney calls it, is a little harder to find. Not all stores have a mytery box. Now if you don't happen to see a Mystery Box 24, or aren't interested in mystery trading, there's always...

The clear trading box! This trading option is pretty self-explanatory. If you see a Vinylmation you want to trade for, go for it! These boxes contain three Vinylmations that are ready for trading. This kind of trading box can be found all over the place, including at the resorts, so you can trade just about anywhere. With both options (clear or mystery box), the cast member is the only one who can open either box, so please don't try any self-trading.

Also there are a few guidelines to keep in mind with Vinylmation trading:
  • Guests only can trade official Vinylmations - no knock-offs.
  • No custom Vinylmations may be traded -- only standard editions.
  • Guests can only trade like-size items (most trading is among the 3-inch size).
  • Boxes and cards (that came with the Vinylmation) aren't necessary when trading.
  • Only one trade per person, per location, per day.
We tried out Vinylmation trading during our last trip and it was a lot of fun. My younger son managed to trade for a Toy Story Vinylmation he was looking for.

Just one caution about Vinylmations: They're just as addictive as pins. Once you get started, you'll going to get hooked. But hey, what life without a bit of fun! Happy trading!


Phillip said...

I just purchased my first vinylmation at WDW and you are right they are addictive!

What I found out about the mystery trading at the resorts is they often have set times they set out the Mystery 24 box, for instance Wilderness Lodge only did it at 10, 2 and 7. If you are interested only in a certain series of vinylmations and you trade with the mystery box you you could, and most likely will, receive a vinylmation from another series. I am a Muppet fan so that series is what got me started. I found that the Muppet store at DHS had nothing but Muppets in the clear box.

Alicia said...

Hi there! My daughter is so into this Vinylmation... She never misses to have something every time we get to visit Disney World. Her love and appreciation with all the Disney characters, I believe made her so attracted to all the collectible items. At the beginning I find it a waste of money but as her passion getting stronger and stronger I realized how big her smile is having all of those collections.

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