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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Streamlining meet-and-greets

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

With today's announcement from Disney about a new meet-and-greet location for Mickey Mouse and friend at Town Square and the announcement about adding FastPass to the meet-and-greet location for the first time, I thought I'd share some quick tips about ways to streamline the meet-and-greet process so you (and those behind you) aren't waiting in line quite as long.

Autograph books: Have them out and ready, turned to the page you want the character to sign. Characters often have pretty large fingers and that makes page turning difficult.

Pens: Have them also out and ready. Sharpies are best because they produce a nice thick crisp line (as opposed to a ball point pen).

Cameras: Ditto. Have your flash already on and charged and start shooting the moment it's your turn. Sometime the best photos happen right at the beginning rather than the posed shots.

PhotoPass cards: Have that ready as well and be ready when the photographer gets you into position. If you don't have a PhotoPass card yet, that's fine, the photographer will have one for you.

Small children: Don't push them. The characters are very good at meeting a young guest at their level of comfort. Remember that to a 3-year old, Mickey Mouse might just look like a giant rat (no offense Mickey!).

Entrance and exits: Know where the entrance and exit is to the meet-and-greet location. I know this sounds obvious, but you'll be surprised at how many guests will walk right up to the exit and think they're next in line.

Things to do while in line: Try to find some hidden Mickeys. They're all over the place. Also take a moment to pin trade with the cast members nearby.

Most importantly have fun and interact with the characters. You'll find they are a blast to be around.

This one was short and sweet. Until next time!

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