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Friday, March 18, 2011

Kingdom Keepers 4: Power Play hits shelves in April

The fourth installment of the popular Kingdom Keepers series will hit bookshelves April 5.

In this latest edition, the Kingdom Keepers learn that the Overtakers may be trying to rescue Maleficent and Chermabog from their current prisons. But what has the Kingdom Keepers even more worried is that the Overtakers may have found out a way for their DHI selves to escape from Disney's control (inside VMK) and connect to the internet, where they are searching for followers.

At the same time, there is contention within the Keepers themselves. Can the Kingdom Keepers stay together as a team to stop whatever the Overtakers are up to? You'll just have to read/listen to the book to find out! Above is a video preview created by Disney.

I've been a big fan of the Kingdom Keepers series since book 1 (Kingdom Keepers: Disney after Dark) was released years ago. Ridley Pearson has a great deal of imagination and includes intricate details about the parks. In writing these books, he had a lot of backstage and after-hours access to all kinds of places in Walt Disney World. It's that level of detail that makes the Kingdom Keepers series so engaging.

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Beth said...

i'm excited!! I've been ready for this book since I finished #3!!!

Scott said...

I'll probably wait for the softcover edition...I'm reading 3 right now, and having some trouble with it. I loved the concept and premise in book one but thought it failed in execution. I thought 2 was much better executed. I think this one needs an editorial pare-down up to where I am now, about 1/2 way through it.

(I blogged about it somewhere back on my own blog, if you care to look...)

KKFCpresident535 said...

I've already finished the 4th one. I'm anxious for the 5th, which comes out 4/2012

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