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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Becoming "Royality" at Walt Disney World

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

In honor of the upcoming wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, I thought I'd take a moment to share the story of how my daughter became a "Princess of Virginia," at least for an afternoon -- and it's an experience your little girl (or boy) can share as well!

I'm talking about the "My Disney Girl Perfectly Princess Tea Party" held most mornings (except Tuesday and Saturday) at the Grand Floridian Resort. This event, which starts at around 10:30 a.m., is a fairly exclusive opportunity for little girls to let their inner princess out a bit.

Bookings for this event are suggested 180 days in advance, and it can be a difficult booking because of the small guest list for each tea party. The event runs $250 for one adult and one child. Additional children can attend for an additional fee ($100-$150 a person depending on age). Yes, it's a bit expensive, but as you'll see, it's well worth it. Bookings must be made by phone by calling (407) WDW-DINE (939-3463). A credit card is required at the time of booking.

What makes this tea party such a royal event is, well, the royal treatment. My wife (the DisneyMommy) and my daughter attended this event in June 2007.

The tea party begins in the lobby of the Grand Floridian where guests check in and are invited to be seated in the lobby. At this point, I'm going to only be talking about what the little princesses do. Moms (and dads) become ladies/gentlemen in waiting and serve at the pleasure of the princess (and take lots of pictures!).

Princesses are not permitted to enter the tea party until they are first properly announced to those in attendance. "Welcome to the princess of Virginia!" After being properly announced, each princess is escorted to their table with their entourage (parents) following along. Waiting at the table is a very special friend -- a My Disney Girl Doll, dressed like Aurora. The doll is about the same size as an American Girl doll, as I believe some of the AG outfits may fit the My Disney Girl dolls. Disney does sell additional outfits for the My Disney Girl dolls at stores all across the property. I personally recommend the gift shop at the Grand Floridian (upstairs). They seem to have some of the best selection of doll clothes and accessories around.

The doll is yours to keep (which accounts for the cost), and the tea party is a wonderful way for your child to be introduced to her new doll. In addition to the doll, little princesses are presented with their own tiara, bracelet, special scrapbook page and "Best Friends" certificate.

I should note that little princes are welcome as well. Should a prince attend the tea party, they will be presented with a Disney Bear (similar to Duffy) and a princely crown instead.

Once all the royal guests are seated, the first special guest makes her appearance -- Rose Petal (see top photo). Rose Petal has a special story which she will tell. I won't spoil the story other than to say she has a special connection to the other special guest -- Aurora herself!

Both characters spend a lot of time with the little princesses (and princes) and there are plenty of opportunities for photos. Rose Petal leads the royal guests in some songs and a princess parade around the tea room.

As you can see, the Princess Tea Party pulls out all the stops. All guests (including children) enjoy tea or "special tea" (apple juice) on fine china. The food is pretty good as well with cucumber sandwiches (an English tradition), peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (for kids), biscuits, scones and other pastries.

And what's a tea party without cake! Naturally the royal guests (and their escorts) are treated to a special princess cake to top off the event.

The entire event runs about 90 minutes and is packed with activities. This isn't your typical "for kids" event with a few events and time to eat. There is a lot to do in that 90 minutes.

When you think about everything that you get, the doll, the tiara, bracelet, certificate, tea, cake and more - the $250 price tag for two people really isn't all that bad.

I highly recommend the My Disney Girl Perfectly Princess Tea Party for any little girl looking to have a little royal treatment time. It's a wonderful event and the doll has become one of my daughter's favorites.

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Kathy said...

Wonderful article! My only daughter is 15... oh, how I miss those princess days!

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