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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Movies on the beach

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

I just returned from another trip to Walt Disney World and have some new tips to share.

This week, we'll talk about another of those often overlooked free experiences at the various Disney resorts -- movie night.

At most resorts, cast members will put up some sort of screen and projector and play Disney movies beginning around dusk. These are completely free to attend and it's a lot of fun - just check your resort information sheet you received in your check-in packet to see what movies are playing and when. At most resorts, movies are playing nearly every night.

Most of the time, movies are shown at a beach or pool area. For instance, the Yacht & Beach Clubs and the Boardwalk share a movie location -- the beach area at Crescent Lake. The Grand Floridian and Polynesian share a location as well -- the beach area in between both resorts near the Grand Floridian pool. The Fort Wilderness campground has the location with probably the biggest screen -- it's shaped, appropriately, like a campfire circle complete with wooden benches.

Just remember that these movies play at night, and depending on when you're visiting Walt Disney World, it can get cool once the sun goes down, especially during the winter months -- so you may want a blanket or jacket. Also keep in mind that it can get a bit buggy in the evening, depending on which resort you're staying at.

If you do plan to catch an outdoor movie showing, you'll want to be in place at least 15-20 minutes ahead of time to get a good seat. Sometimes cast members will start playing trailers a bit early so that the feature presentation begins at the scheduled start time.

The night we watched a movie -- Cars was playing. It was fun to watch some of the "coming soon" trailers for movies that already have come and gone to the theaters.

I've said before that there's so much more to Walt Disney World than just the parks, and the outdoor movie series is just another example, so give it a try!

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