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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Boma


Ok, so it's been a while.  Starting a new masters degree program can do that to you.

But I'm back now, so let's move forward with another Tip Tuesday!

This week, I wanted to share my thoughts about a restaurant I first visited in June and LOVE!


Located in the lower level of the Jambo house of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boma is a buffet restaurant offering breakfast and dinner.  Breakfast items are fairly common and what you'd expect from any breakfast buffet.

But it's a dinner where Boma really shines.

Beginning at 4:30 p.m., Boma offers what the menu calls "an abundance of African and American specialties."  While there are some traditional favorites, the offerings do rotate.


My personal favorite is the carved roast pork with the Boma mustard (I could enjoy that mustard day and night!).  If you're a soup person, then Boma is for you.  Each night several different soups are presented from butternut squash soup to crab soup to coconut chicken curry soup.  Again, buffet offerings change daily, so you might not see your favorite item every night.

The desserts at Boma are decadent beyond belief.  I was blown away by what was presented.  To be honest, you could justify the cost of Boma based on the desserts alone.

Speaking of cost, be prepared to pay to dine at Boma.  As of this post, the breakfast buffet runs about $25 for adults, $15 for kids and dinner runs about $40 for adults and $20 for kids.  These prices may be higher during peak periods.


Another element to consider is that Boma is quite popular as the photo above depicts.  If you're interested in dining at Boma, you'll want to make your ADR's as soon as you can.  Also be prepared for a bit of a wait in line at the buffet, so you may want to plan to get two plates at one trip.

Finally, dining at Boma is a great reason to get out and explore different resorts, especially resorts that are a little more out-of-the-way like the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

So go!  Enjoy!!


Dave Drumheller said...

Love Animal Kingdom Lodge, but haven't tried Boma yet! Definitely going to be high on my list!

Sandy said...

Boma and everything at AKL is a favorite of ours. For those who enjoy the food, many of the good things are also available at Mara, the quick service. And, Chuck, you're right about getting out and exploring all of the resorts. That's a great part of the Disney experience! :-)

Shawn said...

We stayed at AKL a few years ago and ate at Boma for dinner. Loved it!

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