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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Photo Friday: more little Disney details

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Saloon 

 Howdy there folks!

It's time for another Photo Friday!

This week's it's a two-fer-one offer!  Ye get two photos today!

The first photo above is a shot of the Gold Dust Saloon as seen from the Walt Disney World Railroad (and you get a really good picture of it when the train is stuck for about 30 minutes...).

But what I really wanted to show you was this...

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Saloon 

This is a shot of the inside of the saloon.  Now even on a very bright day you can hardly see inside.  I had to use a strong flash and slow exposure to get this shot.  What's impressive is the level of detail Imagineers put in these attractions.  Notice the playing cards on the table and the different liquor bottles.  At most a guest might be able to get a fleeting glimpse while riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, or guests may be able to peer inside while passing on the railroad.  Either way, Disney could have gotten away with much less detail... but this is Disney and doing things halfway doesn't cut it.

So enjoy another little piece of Disney detail!


Lal said...

Very cool. Did you just zoom in on the original? Were you really stuck?

Eila said...

It's worth noting that even though this is amazing, it probably isn't for us that they did this! Not entirely, anyway. The imagineers put loads of effort in because they love to make this stuff :) it's just a bonus that we get to see it too with pictures like this!

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