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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Some of the Hidden Mickeys of Frontierland

I'm back!!!  It's been way too long since I had a post, but that was then and this is now.  So, without further adieu, let's continue our series highlighting some of the hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom.

This week, let's mosey over to Frontierland for some great hidden Mickeys, both in attractions and beyond.

Let's start over at Splash Mountain where there are two (among many hidden Mickeys) that I'd like to share.

Splash Mountain hidden Mickey

The first can be found while making an outside loop around the backside of Splash Mountain.  You'll see this still of Muskrat Moonshine on the right side.  Look above the "S" in Muskrat to see a small painted classic Mickey.  There's no doubt about this one!

Splash Mountain Hidden Mickey

Next, we plunge down the main drop and again return inside the mountain for the final scenes.  You'll see a riverboat with several characters (which were from an extinct attraction called America Sings, but I digress).  To the right of the boat, you'll see a cloud formation that looks like Mickey laying down with his snout pointing straight up.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Hidden Mickey

Heading outside Splash Mountain, we next venture over to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Like Splash Mountain, there are several Hidden Mickeys to be found both in the queue and on the attraction.  Here's one that you'll see on the right side just before you return to the load/unload area.

possible Hidden Mickey

Now this is a possible hidden Mickey.  See those "feathers" on the rooster?  They're circular in shape and some of them come together to form what looks like a classic Mickey.  What do you think?  Hidden Mickey?  Yes or no?

possible hidden Mickey

Same story with our friend Mr. Pig here.  See that white area on his body?  It reminds me of the side-profile Hidden Mickey in Adventureland that I featured in a previous post.  Is this another Hidden Mickey?  You be the judge!

So there you go -- just a few of the many Hidden Mickeys to be found in the rough-and-tumble Frontierland.  See how many you can find?  Yee Haw!!!

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