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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DVC resort coming to the Polynesian

Polynesian Resort 

DVC fans are rejoicing as Disney as officially confirmed that a DVC resort is coming to the Polynesian Resort in the Magic Kingdom area at Walt Disney World.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, construction is set to begin shortly (some initial construction may already have begun) with completion expected sometime in 2015.  This is the 13th DVC resort and is the final Magic Kingdom-area resort to have a DVC connection.  This new DVC resort area will be located where the stage for the Spirit of Aloha show was originally located.

Disney also announced they would be renovating other parts of the Polynesian Resort, though the company did not give any further details.

So with the completion of the Polynesian DVC, which DVC resort would you most like to stay at? What is the most important factor in deciding where you'd like to stay?  Post a comment!

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