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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tip Tuesday: Backpacks

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday! Yes, it's Wednesday, I know.

This week's tip is short and sweet, as I'm getting ready to leave for Walt Disney World in a few hours.

Over the past year (and then some), I've talked about different things you may want to bring with you as you tour the parks (cameras, water, etc.). Well, what about how to carry all this stuff?

Some women like to take huge purses, which can hold everything including the kitchen sink. While these type of bags do work, I understand they really take a toll on a person's shoulder. In a similar manner, I see guys carrying around huge camera bags filled, no doubt, will all sorts of gear and other items. I've hauled a big heavy camera bag around the parks for several trips and I can say from personal experience that the single strap was quite hard on my shoulder. I kept shifting the bag from shoulder to shoulder to even out the ache.

I happened to talk with some experienced photographers who swore that backpacks were the way to go. Now understand that a good camera backpack can run upwards of $100 and more. Even with this higher price, I still recommend these over a normal backpack. First, camera backpacks have padded sections that are just right for lenses, flashes and the camera itself, while a normal backpack has just one big pocket to hold things, for the most part. I went out and got a camera backpack and what a difference! While my shoulders get tired at the end of the day, they are not aching and my arms don't feel like they want to fall off.

Depending on what you're carrying around will determine what kind of backpack you need. If you're a real shutterbug like me, then you want to seriously consider a camera backpack. If you're carrying around a lot of water, than you might want to look at other types of packs.

No matter what type of pack you choose, your back and shoulders will thank you.

To everyone out there, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and I'll have more from Walt Disney World when I return!

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Dad.. said...

Backpacks are essential to me. I have the habit of slinging them over one shoulder, which wears on me. 3/4 of the way through the day however, I usually end up strapping it over both shoulders.

I hold ALL kinds of stuff like snacks, cameras, and water, but always leave ample space to pack it full of park souvenirs!

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