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Monday, January 18, 2010

DisneyDaddy featured on WDWRadio show two straight weeks

I've again had the great honor of being a guest on Lou Mongello's WDW Radio show for two straight weeks. Please consider listening to show 153 where Lou and I talk about some of the kid-friendly aspects of Epcot and show 154 where I join a roundtable review of the 2010 Marathon Weekend.

You can find both shows in the iTunes podcast directory or at


Casey said...

Very cool! I will definitely listen to both. I know at least one is already on my Ipod ready to be listened to!

Jamie Collins said...

Hi Chuck! I've been been playing catch up listening to the WDW Radio podcasts while I've been running and recently listened to your 3 most recent guest appearances. You do a great job and I love the enthusiasm and passion you show for Epcot (Holidays Around The World, and KidCot Stations). Keep up the great work and congratulations on completing the Half Marathon!

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