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Friday, May 20, 2011

DisneyDaddy featured in Southern Living Magazine

In the June 2011 edition of Southern Living Magazine, yours truly and good friend Lou Mongello from the WDW Radio Show and Celebrations Magazine are among five Disney experts providing tips for those visiting Walt Disney World in an article celebrating the 40th anniversary of WDW.

While I knew this issue was coming out today, it's still a big thrill to see the article finally in print. I'm especially thankful to Southern Living Magazine reporter Elizabeth Passarella and the staff at Southern Living.

To read the article, just pick up the June 2011 edition of the magazine, or go to the Disney section of Southern Living Magazine.

UPDATE (5/23/11): Several folks have commented about the "never pay for parking" tip. I did not provide this tip, nor do I support this tip. Parking at Downtown Disney and then trying to get to the parks is a bad idea and is incredibly time-consuming, mostly because you have to transfer at a resort. Second, you're trying to cheat the system. It's not worth the hassle. Just pay for parking.


Kathy said...

Congratulations, Chuck, that's fantastic!

Bob Angelo said...

I wasn't very pleased with the article. Among your hints and tips are to avoid paying parking fees by parking at the Disney Waterparks or Downtown Disney and using the transportation intended for resort guests to get to the parks. This can cause longer than normal wait times and overcrowding. Parking is already difficult at best at Downtown Disney. Plus, you would have to take a shuttle to a resort and then transfer to another shuttle to get to a park, which is information that might come as a surprise to a family loaded down with bags and strollers. Please don't encourage folks to take advantage of Disney, no matter how well-meaning the tip might be. People will find a way to do that on their own, without getting the stamp of approval from a Disney "expert". Help keep the magic alive.

Chuck Lionberger said...

Bob, that tip came from one of the other experts. I don't recommend parking at DTD to avoid the fees, because of all the hassles you identified.

I was a bit surprised to see that tip as well. I suspect their own person gave that suggestion. Unfortunately, we did not know which tips they were going to run.

brandonwhite1985 said...

Hello! I wanted to let you know that I just stumbled across your blog and I find it interesting! I would love for you to come stop by my Disney blog and follow us there! I will do the same for you!

Kathie Tyree said...

Glad you cleared up the "never pay for parking" tip. I didn't think it sounded like something you would say. And DTD is always congested anyway. I would never spend that much time to save a few bucks. The best way IMO to avoid parking fees is staying onsite! :) Congratulations on the article! I was thrilled to see it in my current SL as I always am thrilled to see anything about WDW. Seeing a familiar face made it even better!! :)

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