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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tip Tuesday: "Special" pins

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!
(Sadly, yet another on a Wednesday)

I've talked before about pin trading at Walt Disney World both for serious pin collectors and family-fun pin trading.

This week, I went to my #1 source when it comes to pins -- my wonderful wife, the DisneyMommy, who is a massive pin collector.

It's her style of pin collecting I find so wonderful and it is this concept I want to share with you. She collects pins that have special value. I'm not talking about limited release pins or pins for special events. I'm talking about pins that have special value to her.

For instance, the photo above is a page from her pin book with different resort pins. She collects pins from those resorts we have stayed at. No resort stay -- no pin. That's what make these pins special.

Another page has nothing but cutie pins. This is a thing between my wife and my daughter. They collect different pins featuring Disney characters in the cutie style. These pins aren't particularly valuable to traditional collectors, but to her, each pin has a special meaning because they are completing the collection together.

Another tip when it comes to special pins deals with special events. Like the resort pins, we try to collect pins from different special events (Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Epcot Flower & Garden festival, Osborne Spectacle of Lights, etc.). Again, the pins are a memento of the event itself. Where is the memory in collecting pins from special events you haven't actually attended?

So when you're thinking about collecting Disney pins, think about which pins are special to you.

It's all about remembering the magic.

Special thanks to the Box people and the DisneyMommy for this idea.


Bird said...

I have the same rule with the resort pins. And since I've only been once, to CBR, I have only 1 resort pin. As a matter of fact it's the same CBR pin shown in your photo. I'm staying there again in a few days, so I hope they have a new one out by now ;-)

Kirk Landry said...

I'm wondering, if you forget or are not able to buy the pin before you leave, is it less special if you buy it online?

imaryn said...

I think good

Chuck Lionberger said...


I don't think so. Again, it's the memory associated with the pin.

Brielle Franklin said...

What a great idea. My husband has always been into collecting pins specifically navy pins. Once I realized all the cute pins Disney had. I quickly became a collector. I do have a few that have a special memory attached, however a few that I just thought were nice. I'll have to take your idea and actually go get others from places we've stayed.

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