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Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo Friday: Go With the Flow!

Welcome to another Photo Friday!

Back in June 2010, I saw Finding Nemo: The Musical for the first time and fell in love with this show. The sheer spectacle combined with great musical numbers makes this show a must see at Disney Animal Kingdom.

In one scene, Marlin and Dory finally make to to the EAC (that's the East Australian Current for you non-fish out there) so they can travel to Sydney and find Nemo. During his time in the EAC, Marlin learns from Crush the turtle about the need to let kids explore and discover on their own, something I have to keep telling myself -- let the kids try things on their own. They might not succeed the first time, but that's how learning happens. Every time I see this shot from that number, I'm reminded of the simple lesson:

So just go with the flow!


theelfqueen said...

How do you know?

You never really know... you know?

Liz said...

Kill the motor dude
Why don't you take it slow?
Let us see how Squirt does flyin' so-ho-lo

Love, love this show...
a MUST do each trip.

GO with the FLOWWWWW

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