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Friday, September 2, 2011

Photo Friday: Spaceship Earth's light trails

Welcome to another Photo Friday!

This weeks photo comes from Epcot (obviously). I was playing with the idea of some long-exposure light trail shots and thought I'd give it a shot with Spaceship Earth in the background. I set the camera on a short tripod, zoomed in on Spaceship Earth, set the exposure for about 2 seconds, set the ISO to 100 and set the iris to F/5.6.

Once I began to take the shot, I knew the shutter would stay open for only 2 seconds, so I quickly zoomed all the way out before the shutter closed. I didn't want to go much longer than 2 seconds because I knew I would get even more camera shake than what you see above.

I really haven't messed with this too much since. I think I'll have to play around with some ideas for the next trip -- this technique can create some interesting results.

I hope you enjoy this different take on Spaceship Earth!

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ffprncez said...

that is an awesome picture!

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