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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Better night photos at the Osborne Lights

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, I wanted to give some tips specifically related to the holiday season.

It's no surprise that my most favorite holiday event at Walt Disney World is the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney Hollywood Studios.  There's nothing like it in the world!  If you're looking to get some good photos, however, you might find that's much harder that you think.  Mostly, it's because the event takes place at night and you're using a standard point-and-shoot camera, you're probably going to have to shoot your pictures using a small flash which tends to wash out the background.

If only you had better equipment to use... but you do!

Disney has several PhotoPass photographers station at various locations throughout the Osborne lights area.  Each photographer has a professional-grade Nikon camera with lights and (most importantly) a good steady tripod.  This means they can take those longer exposure shots that allow the background lights to be much more vivid in the final photo (see above).

If you take advantage of these and other PhotoPass opportunities, you can later purchase a digital download of the photo or (better yet) a CD of every shot.  You'll really appreciate the kind of pictures you'll get -- far better than what you (or anyone else) could take with a standard point-and-shoot camera, or even a decent SLR.

So be sure to take advantage of the top quality provided by PhotoPass - it really will help you best capture all those holiday memories at Walt Disney World!

1 comment:

Scott said...

Nice picture, and good tip! The Osborne display really is impressive, isn't it? We took some pix and video of it last year; it was fun to see but didn't do it justice. (I posted one picture of it, along with some of other park decorations, on my blog last year. Here's the link if you don't mind or if you're interested in seeing them...

Thanks again!

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