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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Country Quizzes

Canada quiz
Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

This week, we're back in Epcot to highlight yet another overlooked experience.

Most pavilions have some sort of retail store offering goods from the country the pavilion represents.  However, these stores also often have one little extra bit of fun -- a quiz about that country.

I often encourage Guests to take a few moments to try their hand at these quizzes, not really to show off what they know, but rather as a way to talk with Cast Members who are from those lands.  Invariably, you'll strike up a conversation and learn more about that country, which is what World Showcase is all about.

UK quiz
This particular quiz from the UK pavilion was especially fun for my oldest son, who recently discovered The Beatles and was very interested in the Beatles quiz.

So as you're making your way around the World Showcase, try to take a moment to stop and test your knowledge about the different countries represented in Epcot -- you might know more than you think you did and you certainly will learn something!

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