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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Remember where you parked!

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday -- from Walt Disney World!

While I sit here at the Boardwalk Resort allowing my feet to recuperate from Sunday's full marathon.. (I did finish, so my thanks to all the well-wishers), I did want to bring you a quick tip I happened to think about after overhearing at the Friendship boat dock by Epcot's International Gateway trying to determine who to best get to Animal Kingdom.  Here's the hitch - the time was 7:45 p.m.  Animal Kingdom had closed about an hour ago.  I can only assume this family had parked at Animal Kingdom, park hopped to Epcot for the afternoon and was trying to get back to their car.  I also can only assume they decided to park hop using Disney transportation as opposed to driving their own car so as to avoid paying a second parking fee (or so they maybe thought).

So here's the tip for this week, and this comes from the "a little bit of planning makes a huge difference" department.  If you're planning to park your car at one theme park and will be hopping to another park, you should go ahead and drive between each park.  Once  you pay for parking at one theme park, you won't be required to pay additional parking fees at any other parks on the same day. 

So just drive and don't worry about trying to get back to a different park.

The only exception to this might be between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom - just keep an eye on when the monorails stop running -- one hour after regular park hours end (NOT after evening Extra Magic Hours end).

Until next week!

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