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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Delivering the Magic

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

This week, I wanted to share yet another way you can help spread the Disney magic to others and maybe help make a little magic for your friends and family.

During my recent Marathon trip, a good friend surprised me with a Mickey Mouse cooler filled with snack and water -- delivered to my room!  (Marie -- thank you!!!)

This wonderful gesture reminded me of the fantastic offerings of the Disney Florist group -- and they offer much more than just flowers!

From holidays to birthdays to celebrating special events, the Disney Florist group has many options to help make your trip to Walt Disney World a little more magical right from the start.

Just think, your kids are coming to Walt Disney World for the very first time -- what better way to start their adventure than arriving in your room to find a special gift basket (shown above) complete with mouse ears (already embroidered with their names), autograph books and pens and more!

This is just one of the many services of the Disney Florist group.

Now these items don't come cheap.  The gift basket shown above runs a little over $100.  Other items can be far more expensive while some items like the snack pack I mentioned earlier run about $40 each.

While this might sound expensive, for those wishing to sprinkle a little extra pixie dust (and perhaps save some time not having to purchase things in the parks), the extra expense might be worth it.

Better yet, you also can have some of that Disney magic delivered to you!

Not all items are available for delivery outside Disney, but quite a few can be shipped to the U.S. and Canada.  Just check the description for the item you're interested in to see if shipping is available.

So the next time you want to share a bit of the Disney magic - you now know where to go!

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