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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial

Jack Sparrow Pirate Tutorial

Ahoy Mateys!  It be time for another Tip Tuesday!
This week, we be sailin' over to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom to talk about a true scallywag by the name o' Jack Sparrow (that's Captain Jack Sparrow).

Ok, enough with the pirate-speak...

If you're little pirates are itching to meet Captain Jack Sparrow, I've got some possible bad news for you.  The good captain doesn't do meet-and-greets.  Yet there is a way to spend some time with Captain Jack and have a little fun a the same time.

Several times during the late morning and into mid afternoon, Jack and his mate, Mack, hold a special presentation called "Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial."  This takes place on a small stage directly across from Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland.  Several kids usually between the ages of about 6 and 12 are selected to become "Apprentice Pirates," provided they pass muster with Captain Jack himself.

The experience begins as Mack (seen above at the far right) comes out and begins setting different props on the stage.  He'll also set down a large, thick rope (or "line" to all you seamen out there) in a semi-circle on the ground about 8 feet away from the stage behind which guests are to stand or sit.

Here's my first tip -- as soon as you see Mack starting to set up, go ahead and get in place.  Most people won't pay much attention to what's going on until a few minutes later when Mack starts calling out for people to "gather round."  If you're little pirate wants a good chance to be picked to join Jack Sparrow's crew, it's best to be up front.

Once Mack has things ready and in place, he will loudly (he has a hidden microphone) call people in this part of Adventureland to come and see what's going on.  Mack will explain that he's recruting for Jack Sparrow, and then starts to rib Jack while he's (apparently) not there.  Jack, of course, is listening and suprises Mack.

At this point, Jack and Mack have some banter to warm up the crowd and then they begin selecting children to join Jack's crew. 

So here's my second tip -- if your little pirate wants to be selected, he/she needs to be excited!  Don't go way overboard and start jumping down and going crazy, but be energetic -- the cast members are looking for kids who know how to have fun.

If your little pirate is selected, they will line up and will have an opportunity to cross swords with Mack and, maybe, Jack himself!  I won't give away any more details, becacuse this is a fun show to watch, even if your children aren't joining Jack's crew. However, I will say that the kids who are selected to get a fun certificate at the end of the pirate tutorial - and this is the only way you'll get Jack's autograph!
Pirate Certificate

Of course, you also will want to take photos, though a PhotoPass photographer are often on-hand to take photos and will have pre-scanned photopass cards to hand out to all the kids who participated.

You will especially enjoy the cast member playing Jack Sparrow, as he adds all those little details Johnny Depp added to the character.  I was very impressed with how accurately the cast member (seen above) portrayed Jack Sparrow as compared to Johnny Depp.

So are you ready to join Jack's crew?  If so, ye be needin' some training -- ye be needin' to see Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial!


LeeAnn said...

Is this experience not posted on the Times Guide??

Paul said...

My son, 9 at the time, had just gotten out of Pirates League, and went over to the stage for the show's start.

Jack picked him out of the crowd and asked him his name. Without hesitation he replied " My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."

Even Jack cracked up over taht one.

Vanessa Skellington said...

My Angelica dressing little one is going to the parks in January. We're doing the BBB (we've been over this, she'll be still a pirate but just a pirate princess!) but can you folks compose a list of pirate stuff to do? I'd be grateful.

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