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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Brave Highland Games

Brave Highland Games
Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!
I'm back from another trip to Walt Disney World and there was a LOT of news taking place!!  I've already shared some of the new items that went online last week.
This week, I wanted to highight a new temporary experience at Epcot based on the wildly popular new Disney-Pixar movie, Brave.

The Brave Highland Games Tournament is located along the pathway near the Epcot rose garden near the Canada pavilion.
Brave Highland Games
The experience, which only runs through early July, begins with guests spinning a wheel to determine which clan they will compete for. 

Brave Highland Games
Guests are then given a special button signifying their clan.

Brave Highland Games
Next, guests demonstrate their archery skills using a special archery set (parents, don't worry, it's very safe).

Finally, guests can try their hand at some fair-like games including bean bag toss and more.  At the end guests get a special set of postcards.

This is a fun, free experience for anyone (adults and kids) to enjoy at bit of the world of Brave, but don't wait because the Highland games won't last long!!
Brave Highland Games
Oh, and while you're waiting in line (and you will see quite a line, especially later in the day), you can enjoy looking at an incredible sand sculpture.  Don't forget to look at the backside after your games are completed -- and see if you can find the hidden Mickey!!


Liz said...

Wish I was there to play! Thanks for sharing Chuck!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Ack - we must have missed the Hidden Mickey! Then again, it rained so much during our trip that they were doing some "repair" work to the sand sculpture while we were there. I spent so much time watching the guy work on the sand, I didn't even think to look for Mickeys!

Shawn said...

I really wish they'd leave this up through August. My kids would love this.

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