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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Costumes in the parks

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

This week, I wanted to share a recent story from WKMG, the Orlando CBS affiliate, so please watch this story and then continue.

While I empathize with this young lady's situation and understand why she's upset, the fact is that Disney's rules about costumes in the parks are quite clear.  Adults may not wear costumes that closely resemble any Disney character.  These rules are clearly stated on Disney's Web site.  There are two exceptions that I can think of:  Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and RunDisney events.  In either of these special events, guests are permitted to wear costumes.  Masks also are permitted during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party provided the mask does not restrict the guest's vision.  Masks are not allowed during any RunDisney event (and who would want to run with a mask on anyway?). 

Aside from these two exceptions, costumes are a no-go for adults.  Oh and remember than an "adult" in Disney's eyes is any guest that's 10 or older.  Sure, a 10 or 11-year old might be ok to wear a costume on a regular day, but teens should think twice.

Costumes and kids are an entirely different affair.  One reason is that guests probably won't think a two-foot tall Tinkerbell is the real thing.  Disney understands children want to come to the parks in costumes and will allow such.  The only restriction for costumes on a regular park day is NO masks at all.  As mentioned previously, masks that don't restrict vision are allowed for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

So before you spend hours and hours getting ready for a day in the parks dressed as your favorite character, please be sure you're aware of Disney's rules and regulations.  A bit of pre-planning can help you avoid a sad day.


THE Disney Freak said...

I understand too why she's upset, but it makes sense why they don't want her to wear that. I think she's mainly upset that she was allowed in Epcot or something but not Animal Kingdom.

The Whiz Kid Forte said...

History once again repeated itself! Over two years ago, one British mother faced the same issue. She was celebrating her birthday and she wanted to go to Disneyland Paris dressed up as a generic princess. She was denied access but her daughter was let in because she was under 10. Those dresses weren't even Disney princess costumes!

Here's an excerpt from my article (

Security guards confronted her, with one saying that it’s too pretty. In other words, she was wearing something that resembles a face character – more like Giselle from Enchanted (although not really part of the Disney Princess franchise), and that can confuse fellow, dowdily-dressed Guests. “I didn’t even have any make-up on and didn’t look anything like the characters in the park,” she complained, “it wasn’t like I was wearing a big Mickey Mouse outfit, it was just a dress.” To paraphrase this, she claimed that she did not dress as if she wore something that allows many a Cast Member to sign autographs and do photo opportunities with Guests.

WDW did wonderful on enforcing it, though they were lax at DHS and let the couple off the hook wearing it to that said park. Now if they'll do the same with people dressed extremely gothy and emo (beyond the dark shirts and pants), I'd be happy!

Anonymous said...

I wish Disney would be more consistent. Recently, on two different occasions, I have witnessed an adult dressed as the evil queen from Snow White, riding Snow White's Scary aDventures on the last day it was open. People were asking her for autographs (she wasn't giving them), and Disney employees were telling people they couldn't take her picture or ask her for autographs, but they did not make her leave.

The other occasion, I saw a man (with a large group) in line for Its a Small World. He had on a shirt that basically said I love a woman with a large rack and had a cartoon (but very real looking) picture of a large breasted woman in a bikini. I had to explain to my 6 yr old what the shirt meant, and that people like that were idiots and are best ignored.

Anonymous said...

One more exception to the costume rule is DHS during Star Wars Weekends. However, you still are not allowed to wear any mask/helmet. I saw them have a young boba fett remove his helmet.

Anonymous said...

It seems Mickey's Not-So_scary Halloween is an exception to the rule...but my question is, *how* exception is it?

Planning to go to this year's MNSSH and dress as Indiana Jones with my wife as Marion. Even though neither of us would have masks or our face covered, the costumes would be VERY close to the screen costumes.

Would this still be okay? I just don't want to get this all together only to be turned away because our costumes are 'too good'.

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