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Friday, April 18, 2014

Photo Friday - the most beautiful sight

This week, I asked some of those who liked DisneyDaddy on Facebook ( to help me choose which photo to post today.  Mitch Brannen was the first to chime in with 2010 and he wanted an Epcot shot.  It seemed like destiny that Mitch of all people would say that.  Back in 2010 he and I along with another wonderful Disney fan, Lori Burke (many of you know her from the We Wants the Redhead blog) ran the 2010 half marathon together.  It was freezing, it was snowing, and it was one of the most fun Disney events I've ever participated in.

So why did I title this image "the most beautiful sight"?  From about mile 3, I was longing to see Spaceship Earth up close, not because I'm such a fan of this Walt Disney World icon (actually I am - it's my favorite park icon of all), but more because it meant the FINISH LINE was close!!!

So here is a shot I took just after I made the "turn for home" to again pass by Spaceship Earth on the way to the finish less than a mile away (from here, it was probably somewhere around half a mile to go).

It's also fitting that I post this shot today.  The 2010 half marathon was my first ever endurance event.  This coming weekend (April 26th), I'll run/walk in my third Blue Ridge Half Marathon, billed as America's toughest road marathon (and they're not lying - check out the course for the half) and earlier this week, I registered for the 2015 Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge (I must be crazy).

So as you can see, running is on my mind lately, and I appreciate Mitch reminding me of all the fun I can have out on a freezing morning with a few thousand friends.


AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Awesome photo.

We can't wait to get back to Disney World!

William Richburg said...

Hey Chuck its Bill from Blueridge! Thanks for all the support. You were like my personal sherpa who guided me on the mountain. Check out my race report

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