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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Those little Disney details...

Those who are long-time readers of this blog have heard me make this suggestion many times - stop and take in all those little Disney details.  As if you may need proof, here's just one more example.

Walking across the bridge connecting the UK and France pavilions at Epcot, you will see along the lagoon a small ledge where someone was painting along the shoreline.  Take a closer look at the painting and you'll see that it's not just some random scene, it's actually a painting of the International Gateway.  It's also somewhat of a look back in time.  Back when the International Gateway was first opened, it had burgundy awnings, as is depicted in the painting.  Yet now the gateway's awnings are green.  Also, there are more trees now than there were in Epcot's early days.

Also if you'll look carefully, you'll also see something that you never would have seen anywhere along the Crescent Lake area - a small sailboat. 

It's these little details that make Disney such a rich and immersive experience, if you take the time to take them in.

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