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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland -- a Wonder of a film!

I've just returned from seeing the 2D version of Alice in Wonderland. I decided to see the 2D version, primarily because some 3D movies are annoying to watch because of the glasses, and due to the dimmed luminance, again, because of the 3D glasses.

It also may have been due, in part, because the line to get into the theater where the 3D version was playing was nearly out the door, while the 2D theater had plenty of room.

Nevertheless, I found the film to be another masterpiece by Tim Burton and another charming performance by Johnny Depp. I'll keep this review spoiler free, other than to say that this cast brought Wonderland to life, especially Helen Bonham Carter, who just might have stolen the show as the Red Queen.

This is an inspiring story, especially for young girls. You'll have to see the film to understand what I mean.

Based on the attendance at my local theater, I think Alice is headed for a #1 at the box office and, hopefully, will remain at #1 for quite a while. Maybe it will give the Dances With Smurfs movie a run for its money.

One downside -- I didn't get to see the new trailer for Tron Legacy. From what I've read via Facebook/Twitter posts, it's pretty good! It may be that it's only playing on 3D screens. Who knows.

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