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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Personalized art

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

I am a Disney collector (gee, what a surprise). I particularly like to collect Disney-related artwork. I especially like pieces by Larry Dotson, David Doss and, of course, Thomas Kincade (the new Peter Pan piece by Kincade is simply breathtaking).

However, there is one other type of Disney art I enjoy: personalized hand-drawn character art.

At most Art of Disney stores in the parks and Downtown Disney, guests can get a custom hand-sketched piece of character art, complete with a personalized message. Disney artists can draw the characters in any number of settings, professions, interests, etc. I have two pieces: a Mickey Mouse golfer and Mickey and Minnie as Luke and Leia in Star Wars. I’ve seen characters as nurses, policemen, firefighters, teachers, playing all kinds of sports and more.

Most pieces usually are 11x14 inches in size and can come with different colored mats and with different color highlights. They fit well into pre-made frames. There are pre-drawn sketches with a wide range of themes available for purchase and personalization, or you can have a custom sketch drawn when an artist is available.

What makes these pieces so wonderful is the personalized touch. I’ve seen some sketches displaying something like “The Lionberger’s trip to Disney World” in a multi-photo frame with a few PhotoPass pictures. It’s the little touches like this that make these character sketches so unique.

Also, keep in mind that these are exclusive to the Art of Disney stores. You won’t find these pictures at any other retail location in or out of the parks. One other note – you can have just about any Disney or Pixar character(s) in the sketch. Of course, prices vary depending on the number of characters and the amount of personalization.

The next time you’re looking for a unique one-of-a-kind Disney collectible, stop by the Art of Disney and check out these character sketches. You never know what you may end up with.


Running Diva Mom said...

We just left Disney last week and I wish I would've picked up some artwork to display in our home. A personalized sketch of the kids would've been great. Next time!

Chuck Lionberger said...

Remember the sketches are of Disney characters -- these are not charactures of people. They can be customized with special messages.

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