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Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Friday: Beware the Forbidden Mountain

Welcome to another photo Friday!

This week's shot comes from Animal Kingdom. I took this shot in 2008 on my very first visit to AK. I was heading into the standby line for Expedition Everest because I (like so many others) wanted to see the new Yeti (little did I know that he already was in B-mode by now).

Anyway, I saw this sign and remembered it from the Everest special that was on the Travel Channel about the making of the attraction. I happened to see a fantastic angle and set up the shot. What I like most about this image is the sense of foreboding it creates with Everest in the soft background.

Too bad the warning to beware the Yeti is a bit unnecessary these days. Maybe one day the feared creature will rear is ugly head again.

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Bird said...

Excellent angle!

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