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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Stitch's Great Escape

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!


I know you've read the headline and seen the photo, but don't click the back button just yet!!!

Ok, Ok... so Stitch's Great Escape isn't the most popular of attractions at Walt Disney World (actually, it just might take the prize for the most hated attraction), but hear me out.

Despite a few completely gross moments, Stitch has some elements that make this attraction worth visiting every once in a while, especially if you know how to avoid the things that make you want to (glurp!).... well, you get the point.

So why is Stitch worth checking out occasionally? It's all about the audio-animatronics. If you're a fan of these fantastic creations that were invented by Disney, then you'll want to check out Stitch.

The Pre-Show
The pre-show presents a humorous skit featuring "Sarge" who helps you (the new recruits) to understand how the detention area works. Sarge is another very well-articulated audio-animatronic. While the story is a bit lacking, it is fun to see just how life-like the Imagineers were able to make Sarge.

Anyway, an emergency arises and the next thing you know you're heading for the main teleport area. TIP: try to stand on the right side of the pre-show area. This way you'll be among the first to enter the main attraction and, thus, have your pick of seats. Keep reading to see why this is helpful.

The attraction
You'll want to try to sit on the lowest row possible. There's a reason for this which I'll discuss in a bit. Above your head is a large U-shaped bar which looks a lot like a roller-coaster harness. It has nothing to do with keeping you safe, it's just there to get your body into position so all the other sensory effects will work.

One of the problems guests often have with this attraction is the bar pressing too hard on your shoulders. So here's how you avoid this. When the cast member begins to lower the bars, hunch up your shoulders and sit up VERY straight. This will raise your shoulder line a few inches. Stay this way until the bar touches your shoulders and stops. Now relax. Ahh... you have room to breathe.

As the show continues, of course, Stitch makes his appearance. As with Sarge, Stitch is a great audio-animatronic as are the two "guns" in the room. You don't need to pay too much attention to what Stitch is saying just yet -- enjoy the advanced movement of Stitch and the guns.

Oh, why do I suggest sitting along the lowest row? During the first part, Stitch will spit water at an unsuspecting guest. By sitting in the lowest row, you're pretty much guaranteed you won't get a stream of water in your face (and this isn't just a slight sprinkle, it's a full jet of water).

At one point, Stitch will make the power go out and the room will become pitch dark. Now it's time to pay attention to what the little blue guy is saying. At one point Stitch will "jump" on your shoulders. Here's where you'll be glad if you did the shoulder trick I mentioned earlier. While you might feel slight pressure on your shoulders, it won't be uncomfortable at all.

As I said, pay attention to what Stitch is saying. When he mentions finding a chili dog, take a deep breath and hold it. Stitch will burp and then the smell of chili dog will briefly fill the room. This is why you're holding your breath for a few seconds. Fortunately it doesn't last long. Stitch's lack of manners is the other major part that many guests find completely nauseating. After a few moments, you can breathe cleanly again, the power will be restored, the lights will come back on, Stitch will make his escape (to Walt Disney World, naturally) and the attraction is over.

The darkness portion also is the point that freaks most children out -- mine included. I strongly DO NOT recommend any kids under the age of 8 experience this attraction, especially if they have issues with darkness.

While I still agree with many that Stitch's Great Escape needs to permanently teleport off planet, I don't think people should just avoid it completely. There are some great audio-animatronics that I think are worth the effort, chili dog burps and all.


Liz said...

I do not him here or there... I do not like him anywhere...
I just don't get why this is supposed to be good story. The animatronics are good. I just don't get why Stitch has to make its target audience petrified.

Chuck Lionberger said...

as I said. This is one for fans of audioanimatronics. Ignore the show.

Danielle Pluzsik said...

Here's another tip... ONLY DO THIS RIDE BECAUSE OF SARGE. That's what I did when I went to WDW 2 weeks ago. I was disoriented so let's just say I thought he sounded like Jesse Eisenberg... Anyway I kinda find Sarge cute in an ugly sort of way.

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