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Monday, December 19, 2011

"Once Upon a Time" is the next LOST

Once Upon a Time
I don't know about you, but my family and I are hooked on ABC's newest drama "Once Upon a Time."  (Sunday, 8pm EST) The show is all about how many of the most well-known fairy tale characters are thrust into our world but have no idea who they really are... that is until Emma comes to town.

What I really like about this show is how we discover the past in "Fairy Tale land" at the same time we see what happens in the present in Storybrooke.  It's a wonderful mystery.  We know who these characters really are,  what we don't know is what will make them remember and how.  As we learn more, we also see and experience the great chemistry among the cast, especially between Emma and Regina, the mayor (of course Regina also is latin for Queen). 
Be careful, this show can be addictive... very addictive.  It's from the creators of LOST and it has every bit of the same intrique and mystery that LOST did.  I anticipate "Once Upon a Time" becoming the next really big hit for ABC, again, just like LOST.  I think "Once" might even have a bigger following because it's more family-friendly than LOST was.  Case in point:  my children can't wait to see the next episode and already have their favorite characters.

Now that we're into the holiday season, there unfortunately won't be any new episodes until Jan. 8, 2012.
But if you haven't seen the show, now's a great time to get caught up.  If you're already a fan, now's a good time to watch each episode again to see what you might have missed the first time. has put all 7 complete episodes online at  I've gone back and watched a few already to see if I can pick up on a few more clues to the overall mystery of the curse (watch the first episode, you'll know what I'm talking about).

What do you think about "Once Upon a Time?" Take our poll!  Who's your favorite character?  Post a comment!
And never forget, "All magic comes with a price."

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