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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Holidays Around the World

Los Treos Magos
Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

With Christmas just days away, I wanted to share a special holiday event at Epcot that my family and I enjoy whenever we're at the parks during the holidays.  In most of the World Showcase pavilions, Disney presents a holiday story complete with the traditions of that host country.  For example, at the Mexico pavilion, the Los Tres Reyos Magos (pictured above) present the story of the three wise men who go to visit the baby Jesus in the manger.

In China, we meet the Monkey King and hear his tale of how he got into trouble and his redemption with a monk.  In Germany, we meet Helga to learn about the different Christmas traditions, including the tradition of the Christmas Tree pickle.  In Italy, we meet Le Befana the Christmas Witch and about the Epiphany celebrations in Italy, while in England we meet Father Christmas, and in France we meet Pierre Noel.  Papa Noel is in Canada.

Holidays around the world
Perhaps my most favorite holiday story is that of Julenissen, the Norwegian Holiday Elf and his "assistant" Sigrid.  They two tell a wonderful story of the holidays in Norway and Julenissen's love of porridge.

If you're thinking of seeing these different storytellers, you'll want to arrive at each location about 15 minutes early in order to get a good view, perhaps even 30 minutes early during the busy post-Christmas week.  Check the daily times guide for presentation times.  Be sure to have a camera ready because most of the storytellers will stick around for photos after their presentation.

Next week, we're getting ready for the marathon.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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