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Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Friday: What's behind the Magnificent Mickey?

Bulletin board in the Mickey Mouse meet and greet preshow

Welcome to another Photo Friday!

This photo is of the bulletin board located in the preshow area of the new Mickey Mouse meet and greet location at Town Square.

While this may just look like some additional decoration, there are a few subtle tributes here.

Most obvious are the tributes to Disney Legends Fred Joerger (Imagineer and model maker) and Ward Kimball (animator, Imagineer and good friend to Walt Disney) seen at the bottom of the far right poster:  "Opening act:  Fred & Ward."

If you look closely, the letter in the center is signed by an "S.A. Tilley."  While I'm not sure about this one, it's possible this is a reference to current Disney publishing artist Scott Tilley (though I don't know if his middle name starts with an A).  Tilley has illustrated several children's books for Disney.  What makes this a possibility is that the letter refers to the artwork (left part of the picture) not being final and requiring Mickey's approval.

Below Tilley's letter are two smaller mock ups of posters.  The one we can see completely should look somewhat familiar -- it's likely and early version of the interactive poster that's on display in the queue.  In that interactive poster, Mickey asks you to pick a card... much like what's displayed here in the mock up.

Oh, and the crystal ball that's referenced in the big poster on the left?  Look for that once you're in the meet and greet area.  It's there.

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