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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Disney Daddy presents "Tip Tuesday"

In a new feature I hope to provide every week, I'll give a tip for visiting Walt Disney World. Some of these are tips I've heard, others are tips I've learned from my own visits to WDW. So without further ado, here's this week's Tuesday Tip:

Take full advantage of PhotoPass

Now anyone who's been to Walt Disney World probably has seen the PhotoPass photographers all over the parks. What you may not realize is that after your trip, you can go online and order your photos - all on one CD. Now for the tip: while you're at the park, get as many PhotoPass pictures as you can (in both portrait and landscape) - then when you go online to view your photos, be sure to add as many enhancements as you can. When you save a photo with an enhancement (graphic, border, etc.), it saves a copy of your photo, so your original is not changed.

Once you have enhanced all the photos you want, you can order the CD of EVERYTHING. This is the real deal of PhotoPass. The CD runs about $150 or so. Now that may seem like a lot, but it isn't all that much when you think about how much you spend ordering individual prints. Oh, and it doesn't matter how many photos you have. Only have 50 images? Have more than 250? The price is the same. So if that's the case, go for it while you're in the parks -- make that PhotoPass CD that much more of a value.

I've personally done this twice and the CD was worth every penny. Oh, worried about copyright problems when you take a digital image to a printer or photo store? No worries, Disney even gives you a copyright release.

So take advantage of the PhotoPass CD - you'll be glad you did.

Be sure to check back for the next Tip Tuesday!

1 comment:

Hope said...

I agree with this post completely. You have explained the Photopass advantages very well!

On our last trip we took full advantage of the photographers and ordered the CD once we returned home, made enhancements as you stated, and were extremely pleased with the entire outcome!

We had lots of family photos including all 4 of us....which is rare for us. Usually my husband or I are behind the camera. So, it was so nice to have photos including all of us.

Btw, your blog is great. I've truly enjoyed visiting your site!

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