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Friday, September 26, 2008

What's the Sitch?

About a month ago, Disney announced a new adventure at Epcot -- the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. This sounds pretty cool. For anyone who may have visited a MagiQuest location - I think it's something similar.

Basically, you will get what Disney is calling a "Kimmunicator" (nice play on words) which will help guests on mission to stop all of Kim's bad guys. Most countries in World Showcase are taking part in this adventure. You get clues on your Kimmunicator in order to solve the mysteries.

Short of a whole new attraction in World Showcase (something this side of Epcot still really needs), this sounds like a lot of fun. My three kids are eager to try this out. I have to admit, my wife and I are too. We really enjoy Kim Possible and the wittyness of the show.
Here's the really thoughtful bit on Disney's part: guests who don't want to play probably won't see too much of it. Based on the news release from Disney, it sounds like much of this is discreet interaction with the Kimmunicator (which led me to the MagiQuest analogy).
The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is due to start sometime later this year (it had better be before December!!!), so I'll try to have a review after our next visit.

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