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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tip Tuesday: Magical photos with Photopass

Folks who have read this blog may remember my very first Tip Tuesday post about taking full advantage of PhotoPass. After my December 2008 trip to WDW, I have a few more tips for you that will help you even more to make the most of PhotoPass (and that Photo CD).

Those of you who haven't been to WDW in a few years may not realize that Disney now is offering a few new unique photo opportunities. Photographers in certain locations in each park will have you pose in a certain way and take the shot. Later, when you are reviewing your photos, a little Disney magic has been added to these photos to make them even more magical.

Here are some of the places you can take those magical photos:

Magic Kingdom:
On Main Street (including the hub), have a person hold their hands in a cupped position (as if they were holding a tiny bird at their waist) and look at it fondly or with amazement - Tinker Bell will be standing in your hands when you see the picture (see sample above).

Also on Main Street, you can sit on a bench and Stitch will be "eating" some ice cream (well, sort of). This is apparently pretty limited, so be sure to ask.

In Adventureland, near POTC, pretend to be swordfighting with Captain Hook - when you see your picture, he will be there! This is not always available, so check with a PhotoPass photographer about available times.

At the Haunted Mansion, you can have a shot taken in front of the horseless carriage. In the photo are some hitchhiking ghosts. This is mostly available during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, though I've heard some guests have been able to get this shot at other times, so I'd ask a PhotoPass photographer about availability.

In between the Fountain of Nations and World Showcase Plaza you can get a shot of Mickey and friends soaring (or rather Soarin') over your head in a Soarin' glider. This can be a tricky shot, depending on the position of the sun. I tried to get this shot in December, but it apparently didn't turn out.

The Stitch ice cream photo opportunity discussed in the Magic Kingdom is apparently offered here at times, so ask.

Hollywood Studios:
There are quite a few at DHS. The most common is available along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards. You can take a shot pointing at the pavement in total surprise -- Stitch will be breaking out of the pavement to say hi!

In some parts of the park, you can have a shot of you sitting on a bench and Lilo, Stitch (the ice cream shot again), Mickey or Minnie will be sitting next to you. I understand these are offered on a very limited basis, so be sure to ask. I've never been able to get one of these.

I've heard of a magic photo opportunity where you can cross lightsabers with Darth Vader in between showtimes of the Jedi Training Academy near Star Tours. Again, this might be limited, so be sure to ask.

Animal Kingdom:
In and around Discovery Island, you can get a shot of you holding baby Simba in your arms. This is especially cute with kids.

That's all the magic PhotoPass locations I've either personally done or have heard about. If you know of another one, be sure to post a comment! I'd love to hear about it.

Oh, and remember those enhancements I talked about on the previous Tip Tuesday post on PhotoPass? Well you can still add those enhancements here! Of course, not every one will be appropriate, but you at least have some options to work with.

Have fun out there and happy picture taking!

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