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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tip Tuesday: Leaving the Magic Kingdom for the GF or Poly at night

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday on this very historical day!

Before I get into today's tip, I wanted to give a bit of news concerning the next Audio Guide to Walt Disney World by Lou Mongello. I joined Lou (and more than 100 other fans) in a session of WDW Radio Live! last night (and into this morning), where we talked about a bunch of topics, Disney related and otherwise. We were close to getting Lou to sing but, alas, no joy.

This was a very fun time where Disney fans just got a chance to hang out virtually and watch Lou on his webcam. It was funny, there was one point where the chat posts were going so fast you couldn't even read them.

If you want to join in another session of WDW Radio Live!, be sure to follow Lou on Twitter and Facebook. He says he just decides to do these whenever he feels like it, so there's not much lead time.

OK, now for today's tip - and this is one the applies best for guests at the Grand Floridian and Polynesian (though guests headed to other resorts or even to the TTC could use this to some degree).

First, here's the scene: it's the end of the night at the Magic Kingdom. Wishes is done, there's no second Spectromagic or late EMH hours, so you're pretty much stuck with the throng heading out. You've tried to stall and walk through the park to see the evening sights (something I highly recommend) but now you've got to pay for it - you're at the back of the throng. You're staying at the Grand Floridian or Polynesian and the line for the resort monorail is HUGE. So what do you do?

(Image courtesy Microsoft Virtual Earth)

Skip the monorail -- head to the boat launch. What launch, you say? Walk back through the main bag check area and toward the ferry landing. As you get close to the ferryboat landing, hang a right toward the monorail station. To your left is a smaller boat dock. This is the launch to the GF and Poly. I'll bet there will be a much smaller line (if any) to get on this boat. The launch goes to the GF first and then the Poly. The ride is about 8-10 minutes (if that) and is very beautiful, especially at night. I recommend taking the launch most nights just to see the beautiful Grand Floridian at night from the water. I bet the launch to the Wilderness Lodge also is beautiful, though that launch gets crowded quick.

Now those guests NOT staying at either of these resorts, you do have an option. Take the launch to the GF and then get on the monorail. Odds are, it will be pretty empty at the GF station, as most people have left and won't be heading to the MK. You can then get on, go on to the Contemp or TTC (to catch the Epcot monorail).

I used this tip at the end of a sold out Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. The resort monorail line was backed up all the way down the walkway, while there were only 3-4 people waiting for the resort launch.

Give this a try next time - it might just save you some time and I know it's a pretty ride!

1 comment:

Jeff Heimbuch said...

Im amazed at how many people dont use the boat launches more often. Its an incredibly peaceful and serene ride, and it's always a lot of fun!
Great tip!

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