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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey Stitch! The Party's Over

In another case of Disney "here today, gone tomorrow," Disney has apparently announced that Stitch's Supersonic Adventure, which opened in early May will close June 27. This is according to a report from the Orlando Business Journal. While Disney won't officially say why the show is closing after only six weeks, the general speculation among the Disney online community is that guests had problems dealing with the Florida heat while waiting for the show to start. The stage is located near the old Skyway building and offers practically no shade whatsoever.

Another possible part that has led to the show's downfall were the overwhelmingly bad reviews the show received from the online community. The vast majority of fan sites, podcasts, blogs, etc. were quite critical of the show.

I personally had never seen the show and was waiting until I saw it for myself on my next WDW trip in a few days to give my thoughts. I will try to catch the final shows, but in case I miss it, I have to base my thoughts on online photos and videos of the shows.

In short, this show looks about as cheesy as it gets. I can only hope this was some sort of placeholder act until the real show is ready to go. I have a bad feeling that I'm wrong.

I hope Disney can come up with something better for the space. I liked the idea of the interaction between Stitch and the guests - maybe Disney should stick with that concept.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what else is on the Tomorrowland horizon.

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