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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tip Tuesday: Hit the most important attractions first

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

Being a father of three kids, I tend to view our visits to Walt Disney World through their eyes. I am, after all, a kid at heart and, like Peter Pan, I refuse to completely grow up.

For today's Tip Tuesday, I asked my daughter (my youngest child) what tips she thought might be good to share.

Her response? "Ride the best rides first."

Isn't it amazing how kids can get to the heart of the matter in only moments?

She's right. For those of you who are regulars to this blog, you've heard me constantly say that planning is key. Today's tip falls right in line, especially if you're touring with younger children.

As you plan you day(s) at the parks, try to determine what attractions are most important - think of them as the "Top 3." What are the three most important attractions for each person? Depending on the number of people in a family, this can turn into a long list.

The reason this list is so helpful is that it helps you determine which attractions are most important. When you start planning your day at a particular park, start with those attractions you have identified as most important. This can most especially be the case when visiting WDW with young children. It might be that Dumbo is at the top of the list instead of Space Mountain.

Of course, as I've mentioned before, it's best to get to the parks as early as possible. Once the park opens, head straight to the top attraction on your list and then go on with your list.

As you go through your own personal plan, be prepared, especially later in the day, to be flexible and modify the plan to deal with long wait times.

This is yet another example of how a little bit of planning can make your time in the parks all that much more enjoyable.

Have fun!

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