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Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo Friday: Lights on!

Space Mountain with lights on

Welcome to another Photo Friday!

One of the best things about Space Mountain is what you can't (or aren't supposed to) see -- and that's how compact the attraction really is.  This is a shot from inside Space Mountain during a rare moment when the lights were on.  As you can see, the attraction carefully winds in and around a maze of support beams. 

When you stop to think about it, it's pretty incredible how the Imagineers managed to cram so much into such a relatively small space.

So the next time you're standing by for blast off - you'll have some idea and some appreciation for where you're heading!


QueenOfTheKingdom said...

This is cool. I'd never really thought about how it all fit in such a small space. That's amazing. Thanks for sharing

Dave Drumheller said...

Great shot Chuck! Love it!

Orlando Attractions said...

Love it. I think I remember seeing a video of space mountain with the lights on. I'm going to have to go and find it now.

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