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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tip Tuesday: A new way to showcase character autographs

Signed vinylmation

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!
This week, I wanted to share a tip from the DisneyMommy!  She's pictured above in the red lanyard.  She's the pin and Vinylmation collector in the family and she came up with a neat idea for collecting and displaying character autographs.
Of course, the most common way to collect character autographs is by using an autograph book, but my wife came up with something even better -- using a create your own Vinylmation!
Simply go to any Disney retail store in the park that sells nine-inch Vinylmations and pick up a blank create your own Vinylmation, or just get one online at  We've done one in white and one in yellow (seen above).  I don't recommend using black unless you have a white, gold or silver paint pen (but now that I think about it -- the gold and silver on black might look awesome!).
Signed vinylmation
Next have several different colored Sharpies on hand and start getting your autographs.  I suggest getting the most important characters first -- the ones you want to be most prominent on the figure.  For me, of course, was Mickey Mouse, so he was first to sign.  As you go on, you can get more characters to sign on the front or back.  I had most of the princesses sign the back and the classic animated characters sign the front.
While Disney has created a three-inch Vinylmation with character autographs on it (gee, I wonder where they got thiat idea... ;) ), I perfer my method because you personally collected each autograph.  Of course it might take more than one trip to get all the autographs you want, but that's ok... it's just another excuse to plan another trip to Walt Disney World! 

When you're done you have a truly unique Disney collectible!


Liz said...

We were talking about this the other day. Using Vinylmations, pillowcases, and hats for characters is such a great alternative!

Anonymous said...

Are the bigger characters okay with signing this like the pictures show? Where do you buy these nifty little dolls? It's my first trip to Disney so I am a little lost but this looks like the best idea yet for autographs.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from WDW and also did this. I have been collecting vinyls for 3 years now and was very happy how the autograph vinylmation came out. You can purchase a 9-inch vinylmation (which is the biggest) for $40 at D-Street in Downtown Disney. Note that some characters do not sign autographs at all. Any character that does not have real hands (King Louie, Mike Wozowksi, Sulley, etc.) will not sign anything. But all the other characters like Mickey, Buzz, Woody, Donald, etc. will sign the autograph, although I had to hold the vinylmation for some of them. I suggest using a ziplock bag to put it in, as the ink can smear, especially if you hold it with sweaty hands in the hot Florida sun.

Raquel said...

Hello! Do you know if it's true that Disney stopped selling these 9" Create Your Own Vinylmations? I am going to Disney for the 3rd time in December and was excited to try this idea, but can't find them on Disney store online and discovered some people were having trouble finding them on the parks. Thanks!

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