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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Photo Friday: A southern Easter

Easter parade on Main Street USA

Welcome to another Photo Friday!

Being Easter weekend, I thought I'd share a photo from 2008 when I was at Walt Disney World for Easter.  This is part of the Easter Day parade at the Magic Kingdom.  As you can see, dozens and dozens of female cast members don antebellum southern belle dresses and parade down Main Street USA to help celebrate Easter.

The photo above doesn't do this sight justice.  It's really something to behold - another great reason to be at Walt Disney World for Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

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Robert N. said...


The women in the photo are not cast members. They are a select group of high school seniors from Mobile Alabama. They are called Azelea Trail Maids and are ambassadors for the City of Mobile. They do a fair amount of traveling around the country durring the year to special events such as Macy's Thanksgiving day parade and the Rose Parade. Great photo though. I'm orignally from Mobile and also a huge Disney fan, great to see both these things in one photo. Thanks.

Robert N.

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