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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Dealing with check-in delays

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

This week, I thought I'd walk through some options when it comes to delays in the check-in process.

Ideally, you'll arrive at your resort (via Magical Express, shuttle, or own car), you'll walk right up to the desk, get checked in and go right to your room to drop off any bags before heading out to the parks.

That's the ideal scenario. 

Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, especially if you're checking in during the early to mid morning hours, which is when many people (understandably) want to arrive so as to maximize their first day at Walt Disney World.

What ends up happening is the cast member at check-in will inform the guest that their room isn't ready yet (again, understandably because most people don't check-out until mid-day), and will take down contact information so the resort can contact the guest when the room is ready.

So now you think you're a bit stuck.  You've got all this luggage.  What are you going to do with it?

No worries.  You've got a couple of options - and I've done both without too much fuss.

Option 1:  Go ahead and have bell services take your bags
Bell services can store your luggage until your room is ready.  Just have a bell services cast member collect the luggage you want to store and they will give you a claim ticket.  Once your room is ready, simply call down to bell services, give them your name and room number and they will bring your luggage right to your room, usually within about 45 minutes.  Keep in mind that you will not have any access to your bags once bell services takes them until they're delivered to your room, so if you need things for the day, like diapers, cameras, food/water, sunscreen, be sure to take them with you before bell services stores your luggage.

Now you can go on to the parks and enjoy your day.  You will get a call and/or text to let you know your room is ready.  Keep in mind that if you checked-in during the morning hours, you should be prepared to not have a room ready until the afternoon, so make sure you bring everything you may need for a full day in the parks.

Option 2:  Leave it in the car (if you have a car)
If you think you may need to have access to your luggage while you wait for a room to be ready, you can always leave your luggage in the car, provided you have a car on property.  Simply park in the self-parking lot (valet might not be a good idea as you won't know where your car is), and then you can return to your car should you need something.  Once your room is ready, you can drive your car back to the main entrance to drop off your luggage, or you can just bring them up from the parking lot.

Hopefully these tips will help make your check-in process go a little smoother.

Until next time!

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