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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card list

The official Disney Parks Blog has released a list of most of the cards in the new Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom card game.  Cards range from super rare, rare, uncommon and common.  The super rare list (10 cards) will be announced in a few weeks, so says the blog.

So for all you collectors out there... here's your checklist!


11. Apprentice Mickey’s Broomsticks
12. Belle’s Mountain Blizzard
13. Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster
14. Doris’s Bowler Hat Attack
15. EVE’s Laser Blast
16. Fa Mulan’s Dragon Cannon
17. Flynn Rider’s Flying Frying Pan
18. King Triton’s Trident
19. Lythos’s Rock Titan Boulder Throw
20. Maurice’s Wood Chopper
21. Maximus’ Horseshoes
22. Merlin’s Fireball
23. Monstro’s Water Spout
24. Nibs’s Neverland Assault
25. Rapunzel’s Hair Whip
26. Robin Hood’s Magic Arrow
27. Simba’s Roar
28. The Fairy Godmother’s Pumpkin Bash
29. The Giant’s Giant Stomp
30. Tinker Bell’s Pixie Dust
31. Violet’s Force Fields
32. Woody’s Cowboy Lasso

33. Aladdin’s Lamp
34. Bolt’s Super Bark
35. Cinderella’s Magic Ribbon
36. Colonel Hathi’s Righteous Stomp
37. Eeyore’s Gloomy Cloud
38. Frozone’s Ice Blast
39. Lightning McQueen’s Ka-Chow
40. Mickey’s Magic Beans
41. Mike’s Grand Entrance
42. Pinocchio’s Sawdust Blast
43. Prince Phillip’s Enchanted Sword
44. Snow White’s Housecleaning
45. The Headless Horseman’s Exploding Jack-O-Lantern
46. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Time
47. The Queen of Hearts’s Card Army
48. The Sugar Plum Fairies’ Dewdrop Spiderweb
49. WALL-E’s Trash Crunch
50. Yen Sid’s Sorcerers Hat

51. Aurora’s Rose Petals
52. Baloo’s Coconut Cascade
53. Caballero Donald’s Pinata
54. Dash’s Whirlwind
55. Flower’s Flowers
56. Gopher’s Demolition Dynamite
57. Grumpy’s Pummeling Pickaxe
58. Lumiere’s Candle Blast
59. Mowgli’s Swinging Vine
60. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
61. Pocahontas’s Colors of the Wind
62. Pongo’s Soot Bucket
63. Prince Naveen’s Army of Frogs
64. Pumbaa’s Odorous Gas
65. Quasimodo’s Bell
66. Rafiki’s Wisdom Stick
67. The Blue Fairy’s Wand Wish
68. The Woozles’ Woozle Nightmare
69. Thumper’s Mighty Thump
70. Tiana’s Hot Sauce

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hiya Chuck,
Just want to let you know, as I sit here looking at my cards, your numbers are off by 10. The "Super rares" are 61 to 70. Eve's Laser Blast is 05/70 on the card and Thumper's Mighty Thump is 59/70.

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