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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Room requests

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

A common question many planners are asked is how guests can go about requesting a room in a certain area of a resort.  Guests may want to be close to a bus stop, close to the main building (where the resort dining options are located), close (or not close) to the elevator, nearby the pool, or just want a good view.

I often make room requests - many times I'm trying to get a partial resort view (while still staying in the standard rate rooms).  I enjoy the ability to watch fireworks from the convenience of my own room.  Depending on where you stay, you can sometimes make your room that much more convenient without having to upgrade to a higher category room (like water view or preferred).

So when should you first make a room request?  I usually include my requests when I (or, rather, my MouseFanTravel agent) makes the initial booking.  Now keep in mind that when you're (or an agent) is making a booking, you're working with the central reservation system, not the individual resort.  Your booking information (including room requests) aren't usually transferred to the individual resorts until about two weeks out from your arrival date.

So, it's a good idea to follow up your initial request with a phone call directly to the resort front desk about a week out to confirm your request.

Then, when you arrive at check-in, you'll want to again, triple-check with the cast member to see if the room you've been assigned meets with your request.  If you didn't get the room you want, talk with the cast member and see what  you can work out.  Here is one place where patience and politeness can often be rewarded.  You might not get exactly what you requested, but you just might get something pretty close.

Before you arrive on property, it's a good idea to do  your homework.  I mean go and look at resort maps to determine which area you want to be in.  This will help you be more familiar with the resort when you talk with cast members to find a suitable room.

Room requests can be fairly simple.  Just have some patience, politeness and understand you might have to compromise on your request.

So when you hear, "Welcome home!" you'll be starting a magical time at Walt Disney World!

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Paul said...

Whenever I book my DVC resorts, I always ask the DVC cast member what are the best areas of the resort to stay in?

Our last trip at BLT, we booked a lake view, but thanks to a suggestion by the booking DVC cast member, ended up getting a view of WISHES from our balcony. On another trip we were told that if you're only using Disney transportation (no car) to ask for an SSR treehouse at the southern end.

Be nice to the cast members. They know more about the resorts than anyone.

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