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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tip Tuesday: Waking up Tinkerbell

Tinkerbells treasures

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

It is a common sight each morning at the Magic Kingdom. Hundreds of guests line up just outside the entrance eagerly awaiting the gates to open so they can hurry to their first stop in the park. The ropes drop and, they're off!

Guests are streaming toward all the major attractions, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Dumbo, Tinkerbell's Treasures, ... huh? Tinkerbell's Treasures?!?!?

That's right. One of the most unique experiences in the Magic Kingdom is to wake up Tinkerbell at her store, Tinkerbell's Treasures, located adjacent to Cinderella's Fountain (near Cinderella's Royal Table). For the lucky guest (usually a small girl) who is first to request it, that person can have the honor of waking up Tinkerbell. This is a once-per-day privilege, and it comes to the first person who asks.

If you happen to miss out on waking Tinkerbell, cheer up, you're not completely out of luck. Throughout the day, kids can call Tink and meet her. How? It's pretty simple, just ring a special bell and call out for Tink and you'll see her flitter around the store and appear in a special window behind the main cash register.

This is a pretty neat experience, especially for younger girls (and Tink fans).

Sprinkling pixie dust

But why stop there? While you're in the store, you too can get a sprinkling of pixie dust -- and it won't cost you a thing (save a little imagination and/or good humor).

The cast members who work at Tinkerbell's Treasures help make the interactions with Tinkerbell and her pixie dust all that more magical.

Cinderellas magical dress

While you're at Tinkerbell's Treasures, be sure to swing next door to see a little battle of colors between Flora and Merryweather, the red and blue fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Watch as Aurora's dress will magically turn from pink to light blue and back again.


Dad.. said...

Can NOT believe we didn't know about this, and we are KICKING ourselves!

We were just there in August, and we were even allowed to go into the park early (before the general public) because we had early reservations at Cinderella's royal table!

Oh well... there's always next time huh? Thanks for the info!!

Lisa said...

Awesome tip Chuck, but in the last bit, you meant to say "Aurora's" dress, right :)

Chuck Lionberger said...

Yup, Lisa, you're right!

Sorry about that -- Aurora's dress. I've updated the post.

Debby said...

Chuck, I read somewhere that they now do a "group" wake up. It helped with the "fight" to be first and the sadness for those who aren't.

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