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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Didn't I say D23 would be worth it? Now see what D23'ers can do!

When Disney first announced D23, the Official Community for Disney fans, many scoffed and huffed that D23 wouldn't be worth the $75 membership fee. It was said then, there would be more to come with a D23 membership than just the magazines, litho, D23 Expo and access to exclusive merchandise.

Now comes the proof.

The D23 Web site has announced a series of D23 Member-only events going on this summer.

A free exclusive screening of UP at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood on May 28 and pin trading event.

Special seating for the final Flower Power Concert series at Epcot on May 31, featuring Tony Orlando. Afterwards, D23 members can attend a free Illuminations dessert party.

Special access to the 1,000th performance of Mary Poppins on Broadway on June 24 (ticket required). A similar package is offered for Mary Poppins in Chicago on the same night.

Special access to a performance of The Lion King at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (ticket required).

FREE (yes, I said FREE) tours of the Disney Studios and the Disney Archives (this is HUGE!!) on June 27 and August 15.

Free screening of the recently restored "Disneyland U.S.A." and panel discussion with Tony Baxter, Dave Smith and Ed Hobelman on July 17, the 54th birthday of Disneyland.

Exclusive preview access to the new Walt Disney Family Museum in September. The museum won't open until October, but D23 members will get a free preview tour!

I'm sure there's more to come for D23 members. Now what do you think? Is D23 worth it?

You bet!

I'm 23 - are you?


Hope said...

Yes! I've joined and have been every day or so receiving my D23 goodies. Received my art print and the reproduction DLR souvenir fan (which I love). Received magazine 2 and am anxiously awaiting issue #1. Love D23 membership!

April said...

I agree 100% with you Chuck! This is why I joined D23. I knew Disney was going to deliver some great member benefits!

I am D23!

Anonymous said...

I love the new offerings that were announced. Disney has really delivered. Unfortunately for me, none of them work for me logistically. Hopefully next time though.
Mary Jo

Matt said...

I was skeptical of D23 from the start. "70 something dollars for a magazine?!"

But now I see it's probably worth every penny, and then some. I think I'll end up joining sooner or later - and when I do, I'll wish I had done it sooner. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I joined D23 and was so excited about being able to go to the Disney family museum before it opened to the general public. Unfortunately, getting tickets to the "free" events are really more like a sweepstakes. Despite the fact that I followed all of the instructions given to D23 members,(including signing on to the web site at the specified time) I still was unable to obtain tickets. Too bad this isn't made clear prior to getting people to sign up for membership.

Anonymous said...

I have a question...does everyone in my famiily have to get a membership to go to D23 events? Thanks for the Help!

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